United States Tips

With stunning landscapes and natural scenery, the United States has countless locations for shooting aerial photos and videos.

To help you fly your drone safely and responsibly, we've listed some important drone flight regulations and battery transportation policies below.

Fly Below the FAA’s Altitude Limit (400 ft)

Don’t Fly in Dangerous Areas

Always Fly Within Line of Sight

Don’t Drink and Fly

Don’t Fly Over Crowds

Follow Local Regulations

  • Do not fly near emergencies such as a car crashes, police operations, fires, and rescue operations.
  • Do not fly drones within 30 meters of people.
  • Fly only one drone at a time.
  • Do not record or photograph people without their consent.
  • Do not fly above festivals, stadiums, populated beaches, parks, busy roads, or footpaths.
  • If you are considering flying FPV, please check Civil Aviation Safety Authority regulations here